Selected audio

Mixed Ensemble with Improvisation

The Nora Songs (2012), recorded by Tryst Vocal Duo
(Nora Ryan and Michelle O’ Rourke) at the University of York


Jazz Works

Confession (2015), recorded by Stoop Quintet and released on the ASC label.
The line up is:

Alex Munk – guitar
Sam Miles – tenor saxophone
Flo Moore – bass
Dave Smyth – drums
Jonathan Brigg – piano/compositions


Ranch (2012), performed by Threads Orchestra and recorded at the
University of Huddersfield. The line up is:

Kit Downes – piano
Chris Montague – guitar
Rus Pearson – bass
France Pye – violin
Adam Robinson – viola
Semay Wu – Cello
Kris Wright – drums
(Jonathan Brigg – compositions)


Threads Orchestra – Music by Jonathan Brigg
£10 – Email to purchase














Concert Works:


Sinful Sinfonies (2015), 3rd movement, performed
by London Philharmonic Orchestra and Foyle Future Firsts; Magnus Lindberg conductor.



Song to the Bare City (2012), performed by The Nieuw Ensemble at
the Amsterdam Conservatoire.

A recording of Song to the Bare City is available through NMC.











Three Vachel Lindsay Poems (2015), performed by
Madrigal Redux in the Late Music Concerts Series.