Piano playlist for Warner Music Group
Monday 21st January 2019

Warner Music is planning to publish and release a selection of my piano pieces. Pianist Joel Hughes will record these later this month. Updates to follow about where you’ll be able to hear the tracks.

Second String Quartet in Concertgebouw
Monday 21st January 2019

The Animato Kwartet gave the premiere of my new string quartet in Amsterdam on January 9th. If you’d like to see/hear the performance go to ‘watch’.

New solo piano album
Sunday 25th November 2018

In collaboration with pianist Joel Hughes, I recently completed a set of ‘ambient-classical’ piano pieces. We’re almost ready to record them – Stay tuned!

‘Circus’ performances in Netherlands
Sunday 25th November 2018

orkest de ereprijs will be performing my new “Circus” for large amplified ensemble both at Gaudeamus Muzikeweek and at Festival Dag in de Branding. See ‘dates’ for more information.

Animato Kwartet in Concertgebouw
Sunday 25th November 2018

An exciting start to 2019: the Animato Kwartet will give the premiere peformance of a new string quartet, “…in place of monsters” in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. The concert begins at 20.15.

Animato Kwartet performs “Katabasis” in chamber music finals
Tuesday 31st January 2017

The Netherlands-based Animato Kwartet has given numerous performances of my First String Quartet “Katabasis”, after premiering the work this summer at the NJO Muzikzomer festival. Most recently they performed it during the finals of the Storioni Toonzaal chamber music contest.