Selected works


Sinful Sinfonies (An Epilogue) (2024), for chamber orchestra, (dur. 6 mins)

Seafaring Folk (orchestral arrangement) (2024), for symphony orchestra

Bear Dance (2018 rev. 2024) for chamber orchestra

Sinfonietta (2023), for chamber orchestra, (dur. 18 mins)

The Eel (2022), for symphony orchestra (dur. 3 mins)

Ah, Moon - and Star! (2023), for symphony orchestra and choir (6 mins)

Adagio (2015), for small orchestra, with an optional part for piano/celesta, (dur. 5 mins)

2 flutes (II=picc), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets (II=bcl); 2 horns, 2 tpts, 2 tbns, 1; perc (II); hp, pno (=cel); strings: 3, 3, 2, 2, 1


The Sapling (2023), children's opera (dur. 50 mins)

composed in collaboration with the Youth Opera Company at the Royal Opera House

Ensemble (concert/classical)

Concerto for Piano and 11 Instruments (2021-22)

Monkish (2021-22) for 20 string instruments (6. 5. 4. 3. 2); stride-style homage to Thelonious Monk (6 mins)

Seafaring Folk (2020); for mixed folk ensemble (strings, "boxes" (accordions/melodeon/concertina), guitars, piano, recorders, flutes), (dur. 15 mins)

Song to the Bare City (2012); for mixed 12 piece ensemble (fl, ob, clt; pno, gr, hp, mand; perc. (inc. marimba); vln, vla, vc, db.), (dur. 11 mins)

(This score is published by UYMP: to purchase click on the score to the left. A recording is available as a digital download on Zeta Potential)

Circus (2018), for large amplified ensemble (2 fl (II=picc), clt (=bass cl), sop sax 1 (=tenor), sop sax 2 (=baritone); hn, tpt, 2 tbns; 1 perc; e. gtr, bass gtr; pro (=cel.)), (dur. 16 mins).

The Brain Within its Groove (2015), for large amplified ensemble (2 fl, (II=picc), clt (=bass cl), sop sax 1 (=tenor), sop sax 2 (=baritone); hn, tpt, 2 tbns; 1 perc; e. gtr, bass gtr; pro (=cel.)), (dur. 4 mins)

Slowing, Hanging, Circling (2013), for small ensemble (ob, hp (or piano), string quartet), (dur. 12 mins)

Ensemble (jazz)

Aeolia (2012), for jazz octet (soprano sax, tenor sax, tpt, tbn, e.gtr, pno, bass, drums.), (dur. 6 mins)

Ranch (2012); Suite for jazz quartet and string trio (jazz quartet: soprano sax, electric guitar, piano, double bass;
string trio: violin, viola, cello, (dur. 45 mins)

Originally conceived as a studio album, Ranch is also available for live performance. Pianist, guitarist, bass player and drummer must be jazz players; the string players should be readers who are comfortable with some improvisation.

Confession (2017); for jazz quintet (pno, gtr, tenor/sop sax, bass, drums)


Three Vachal Lindsay Poems (2016 rev. 2019), for SSATB vocal quintet.(dur. 7 mins)

Scat-Man (2013), for SSATB vocal quintet, (dur. 5 mins)
‘Jonathan Brigg’s Scat-Man was an extraordinary text sound piece’ - Charles Hunt The Press

Monkish (2021-22); solo piano; stride-style homage to Thelonious Monk (paraphrase of original string orchestra version) (6 mins)

Piano Landscapes (2020-21); solo piano; 8 jazzy, minimalist pieces (dur. 55 mins)

Scrap Metal (2015-16); solo piano (dur. 3 mins)


Karaoke Daydream No. 1 (2022-23); for violin and piano (dur. 4 mins)

Old Euclid (2012); Soprano voice, marimba, (dur. 5 mins)

Quartet place of monsters (2018);
Single-movement 'encore' for String Quartet, (dur. 5 mins)

Second String Quartet (2018), (dur. 6 mins)

First String Quartet: Katabasis (2017), (dur. 12 mins)

Selected Arrangements

Moonlight Serenade, Glenn Miller (2024), (dur. 4 mins) for fl, cl, hp, string quintet

Sonnet on a Monkey, Richard Rodney Bennett (2024), (dur. 2 mins) for soprano, fl, hp, string quintet