Selected works


Monkish (2021-22); solo piano; stride-style homage to Thelonious Monk (paraphrase of original string orchestra version) (6 mins)

Piano Landscapes (2020-21); solo piano; 8 jazzy, minimalist pieces (dur. 55 mins)

Scrap Metal (2015-16); solo piano (dur. 3 mins)


Karaoke Daydream No. 1 (2022-23); for violin and piano (dur. 4 mins)

Old Euclid (2012); Soprano voice, marimba, (dur. 5 mins)

Quartet place of monsters (2018);
Single-movement 'encore' for String Quartet, (dur. 5 mins)

Second String Quartet (2018), (dur. 6 mins)

First String Quartet: Katabasis (2017), (dur. 12 mins)


Concerto for Piano and 11 Instruments (2021-22)

Monkish (2021-22) for 20 string-instruments (6. 5. 4. 3. 2); stride-style homage to Thelonious Monk (6 mins)

Seafaring Folk (2020); for mixed folk ensemble (strings, "boxes" (accordions/melodeon/concertina), guitars, piano, recorders, flutes), (dur. 15 mins)

Ranch (2012); Suite for jazz quartet and string trio (jazz quartet: soprano sax, electric guitar, piano, double bass;
string trio: violin, viola, cello, (dur. 45 mins)

Originally conceived as a studio album, Ranch is also available for live performance. Pianist, guitarist, bass player and drummer must be jazz players; the string players should be readers who are comfortable with some improvisation.

Aeolia (2012), for jazz octet (soprano sax, tenor sax, tpt, tbn, e.gtr, pno, bass, drums.), (dur. 6 mins)

Song to the Bare City (2012); for mixed 12 piece ensemble (fl, ob, clt; pno, gr, hp, mand; perc. (inc. marimba); vln, vla, vc, db.), (dur. 11 mins)

(This score is published by UYMP: to purchase click on the score to the left. A recording is available as a digital download on Zeta Potential)

Circus (2018), for large amplified ensemble (2 fl (II=picc), clt (=bass cl), sop sax 1 (=tenor), sop sax 2 (=baritone); hn, tpt, 2 tbns; 1 perc; e. gtr, bass gtr; pro (=cel.)), (dur. 16 mins).

The Brain Within its Groove (2015), for large amplified ensemble (2 fl, (II=picc), clt (=bass cl), sop sax 1 (=tenor), sop sax 2 (=baritone); hn, tpt, 2 tbns; 1 perc; e. gtr, bass gtr; pro (=cel.)), (dur. 4 mins)

Slowing, Hanging, Circling (2013), for small ensemble (ob, hp (or piano), string quartet), (dur. 12 mins)


Three Vachal Lindsay Poems (2016 rev. 2019), for SSATB vocal quintet.(dur. 7 mins)

Scat-Man (2013), for SSATB vocal quintet, (dur. 5 mins)
‘Jonathan Brigg’s Scat-Man was an extraordinary text sound piece’ - Charles Hunt The Press


Ah, Moon - and Star! (2023), for symphony orchestra and choir (6 mins)

The Eel (2022), for full orchestra (2 mins)

Sinful Sinfonies (2015), for small orchestra, with a prominent part for piano/celesta, (dur. 11 mins)

2 flutes (II=picc), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets (II=bcl); 2 horns, 2 tpts, 2 tbns, 1; perc (II); hp, pno (=cel); strings: 3, 3, 2, 2, 1